After 20 years in the hair care industry, ask Sheila Marie why she chose the profession and the answer is simple, it was borne from a personal experience. Sheila Marie lost most her hair from alopecia, a hair disorder that strikes millions of people. To cover up her hair loss, she began using hair extensions. This not only bolstered her confidence, it also sparked a desire to help others who suffered with hair disorders. This was a pivotal moment in her life. Shelia Marie fell in love with enhancing the beauty and confidence of others through their hair.

Sheila Marie started her hair care and design career in Atlanta. Her education, training and early success in hair care and makeup afforded her the opportunity to be chosen as one of the top 30 stylist in Atlanta to service the athletes and officials in their beauty regimens for the 1996 Olympic Games hosted in Atlanta Georgia. This experience motivated her to recognize her potential as a business owner and to begin structuring her plan to develop her concepts.

In 2000, Sheila Marie relocated to Dallas, Texas. With a fresh start and a clear plan she developed a strong clientele. Four years later, she opened Studio 957. The vision was to provide a serene atmosphere where women could escape the everyday challenges of life, enjoy a glass of wine or iced tea, while engaging in stimulating conversation with like minded women, all while receiving premium hair care service by Sheila Marie and her staff.

Sheila Marie’s vision made her one of the most sought after stylists in the Dallas high profile community. Her clientele included Tammy Franklin, wife of multiple Grammy Award Winner Kirk Franklin; Serita Jakes, wife of Bishop T.D. Jakes; Pat Smith, wife of retired NFL player Emmitt Smith; Donna Richardson Joyner, wife of “The Fly Jock” Tom Joyner; Sherice Brown, the wife of retired NFL player Tim Brown, Shelia Stoutmire, wife of retired NFL player Omar Stoutmire, Stephanie Carter, wife of Pastor Bryan Carter, Lanette Crute, wife of Pastor Bryan Crute and for Daystar, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Global Evangelist.

Sheila Marie’s work can be seen on the cover of Ebony Magazine, Women CEO, Women Enterprise, and gracing the pages of Fortune Business, D-Beauty, D-CEO, Black Hair Sophisticate and other top magazines.